8 & 9 October 2023 Broodfabriek Rijswijk (NL)
The Dibevo Trade Fair: the most important trade event for pet professionals in the Netherlands for 80 years Book a stand


Still going strong

Yes, it is going to happen. A real Dibevo Trade Fair will take place on 10 and 11 October 2023.


In short: it is time to network again, to share experiences with colleagues and customers, and of course to write orders. Do you feel like it? Then quickly book a stand at the Dibevo Trade Fair, the most important and most enjoyable trade event for pet professionals in the Netherlands.

  • “ Varied assortment, lots of choice and inspiration, cheerful exhibitors, delicious sandwiches, excellent apple turnovers, nice temperature and the fair offers were great! ”
    Clarissa Planje Snoepdog
  • “ A great fair, as a trade fair should be: old-fashioned cozy, spacious and beautiful. Well cared for and good food and drink. ”
    Hans Steegs PetsYmotion “dier & kado”
  • “ Compliment for the good set-up, you can spar and view new products. How nice is that! ”
    Bert Gardenbroek Gardenbroek super voor mens en dier


2000+ companies in 2 days

As an exhibitor at the Dibevo Trade Fair, you will have the opportunity to come in contact with more than 4,000 (potential) visitors thanks to the free food-and-drink concept, guaranteed to keep them on the show floor longer. Thinking of leaving at 4:20 p.m.? Why should you when you can enjoy a chat, a snack and a beverage?

11,000 m2 of show floor space

This year, the trade fair will be occupying two large halls at the Broodfabriek in Rijswijk, offering a total capacity of 11,000 m2 of floor space. The venue is conveniently located just off the A4 motorway, and very easy to get to by car and public transport. There is also plenty of free parking available.

The ideal place to...

The trade fair is and remains the ideal place to introduce products and launch promotions. In fact, a survey among Dibevo members shows that visitors expect “their” suppliers to be present with a booth. Especially if that is a well-known party.

Free food and drinks

Food and drinks are free at the 2023 Dibevo Trade Fair. A light breakfast (coffee and a croissant) is also available for exhibitors and visitors at 8:00 a.m. Perfect for those wishing to avoid rush-hour traffic jams.

Expanded opening hours

The Dibevo Trade Fair opens at 9:00 am on both days of the fair. These are the opening hours:

Sunday, 8 October: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Monday, 9 October: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Low admission prices → more visitors

The combination of low admission prices and free food and drinks makes a visit to the trade fair extra appealing. Dibevo members will receive two free tickets (extra tickets are €17,50 per person etc. VAT). Non-members pay €27,50 excl. VAT.

  • Watch the video impression Never been to the Dibevo Trade Fair? You really must see it for yourself to get the 'total experience’ of course, but we give you a quick peek in this video.
  • Doing business in a positive atmosphere The atmosphere at the Dibevo Trade Fair is always excellent. Visitors are usually in a great mood, and are all the more so when the food and drinks are free, as will be the case this year. Additionally, the trade fair will be held six days after National Pets’ Day, a day on which shops usually see high sales.
11.000 show floor space
4000+ visitors
2000+ companies
FREE food and drinks

Good to know

General info

Fair days

Sunday 9 October 9.00 – 18.00 uur
Monday 10 October 9.00 – 19.00 uur


De Broodfabriek
Volmerlaan 12
2288 GD Rijswijk
The Netherlands


Computerweg 16 
3821 AB Amersfoort
tel: (+31) (0)33 - 455 04 33
e-mail: vakbeurs@dibevo.nl

Prices for stand space/construction

Not yet available.

Stand rental and floor plan


Included in stand rental

As an exhibitor, you can choose whether to use your own stand or rent the standard stand construction for an additional fee. As an exhibitor, you can choose whether to use your own stand or rent the standard stand construction for an additional fee. Using your own stand gives you the maximum amount of freedom, but you will need to supply the walls and lighting. Carpeting is however included. The maximum building height is four metres.

Standard stand construction includes:

• Carpeting
• Partition walls 
• Frieze panel with company name
• One double spotlight per 6 m2 of stand space

For both stand construction and stand construction, catering is included in stand rental.

Cancellation policy

For all cancellations that are not directly related to the government's corona measures, the cancellation conditions from the Dibevo Trade Fair Regulations apply. If the fair cannot take place at all due to corona government measures, Dibevo will credit 80% of the total stand rental. The remaining 20% serves as cover for the costs incurred. This provision forms part of and is therefore an addition to the trade fair regulations (in particular Article 7 paragraph 4).

Who are the visitors?

The majority of the visitors to the Dibevo Trade Fair work in the retail trade (70%). The remaining portion of the visitors are a mix of owners of boarding kennels, grooming salons, and suppliers, but also dog walking services, obedience schools, DIY stores with a pet and garden section, breeders, temporary employment agencies and the media.

NB: Children under 14 and dogs are not permitted at the Dibevo Trade Fair. Assistance dogs and guide dogs for the blind are naturally welcome

70% of the visitors come to the trade fair to see new products and to profit from the special show offers. Book a stand now


Until now, the following companies have entered into the Dibevo Trade Fair:

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